Amica mia

ein Gedicht von Leila Farzaneh

Sei bella amica mia, ti sto guardando
Conosco il tuo sorriso
Non solo quella della bocca
Sto parlando dell’anima
Ho imparato a sentire i tuoi pensieri
La tua grazia
Da cui sprigiona la generosità

Sei bella amica mia, per la tua intelligenza che sai
Ben dosare
L’ingresso nella tua amicizia è stata
Come il volo di una farfalla
Senza di te non ci sarà vita
Per questo amica mia
Ti ringrazio per tutto

da Leila Farzaneh


in Deutsch:

Meine Freundin

Du bist schön, meine liebe Freundin, nach Dir war ich auf der Suche
Im Inneren
Ich kenne Dein Lächeln
Nicht nur das Deines Mundes
Ich spreche von der Seele
Ich habe gelernt Deine Gedanken zu lesen
Deine Gnade, aus Ihr strahlt Großzügigkeit

Du bist schön, meine liebe Freundin
Deine Intelligenz, das was Du weißt
Ist gut dosiert
Den Eintritt in Deine Freundschaft hast Du gewährt
Er war wie der Flug eines Schmetterlings
Ohne Dich gibt es kein Leben
Deshalb meine liebe Freundin
Danke ich Dir für alles


Ein Gedanke zu „Amica mia

  1. Das klingt als könntest du mit ihr reden ohne mit ihr zu sprechen… da scheint viel Liebe zu sein. Aber ohne dich gibt es kein Leben? Wie? Da scheint mehr Information zu fehlen? Ist das ein Übermensch? Ab heute ist meine Poesie oder was das ist fertig und veröffentlicht. Es geht um Schlafstörungen:


    From somewhere else at about midnight

    Nights are so quiet over and over again
    Sometimes more, sometimes less homely too quietly
    Every now and then the star-spattered sky appears, but it appears never complete
    A wonderful view of these stars and the black infinity. I can’t avoid it. I don’t want to
    To fall asleep lying under the star-spattered sky is drop-dead gorgeous
    Without any persecution, without any fear and anger ‚cause anger blinds
    This is where I live
    The silence and the peace, a kinda celestial peace

    Thoughts circle in the most different directions, as is sometimes the case
    Not uncommonly worried thoughts as always
    I know that many people in the world live in horror and persecution, execution
    The reasons are many-sided as well as one-sided
    Hypocritical backward ideologies for so much misery in the world are responsible
    Environmental disasters unannounced and announced appear one after another
    Neglect and the daily grief of children, most to die from neglect
    They don’t have the ghost of a chance
    No opportunities and even no possibilities
    Speechless with grief and so sorrow-stricken

    Not always easy to think about
    Head free from disturbing thoughts
    Just to live the life and love
    To be helpful and to be grateful
    Maybe to do some explanatory work

    However, what misery will the children of the children have?
    I’m concerned same as it ever was

    Should I try to make a prediction?
    Thought-provoking moments come along
    I wish I could, but I don’t want to

    I wish it was all that easy
    God’s blessing gained, all is obtained
    Still struggling with my sleeplessness

    Nothing else remains to be done so time to switch off the light
    Let’s be grateful
    Have a good night and sleep tight

    Link auch hier:

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