Barack Obamas neue Terrorgruppe operiert in Syrien


Damaskus – Die erste Zelle syrischer Rebellen, von der CIA in Jordanien ausgebildet und bewaffnet begibt sich auf ihren Weg nach Syrien, sagte US- Präsident Barack Obama Senatoren.

Bei einem Treffen im Weißen Haus, versicherte der Präsident Senator John McCain, dass nach Monaten der Schulungen von Rebellen die USA ihre Verpflichtung zur offenen Unterstützung der Rebellen in Syrien ausweiten.

Obama sagte, dass eine 50-Mann-Zelle von US-Spezialeinheiten in Jordanien ausgebildet wurde und ihren Weg über die Grenze nach Syrien machte.

Die Terror Einheit scheint die erste Gruppe von Terroristen zu sein, die von der CIA in einem jordanischen Lager, jenseits der Grenze Syriens, ausgebildet und bewaffnet wurde und in den syrischen Bürgerkrieg geschickt wurde.

Senator McCain, einer der Hauptkritiker im Weißen Hauses riet zur Zurückhaltung, sich direkt in Syrien einzumischen, während Senator Lindsey Graham, ein republikanischer Spezialist für Außenpolitik, sich am Montag vorsichtig optimistisch zeigte, dass Obama seine Unterstützung für die Rebellen aufstocken wird.

„Es scheint sich ein ziemlich fester Plan abzuzeichnen, um die Opposition zu stärken,“ sagte Graham.

Er fügte hinzu, „dass er hoffe, dass der syrischen Opposition eine Chance gegeben wird, sich direkt an das amerikanische Volk zu wenden, um den Befürchtungen in den USA entgegen zu wirken, dass sie von al-Qaida-Sympathisanten dominiert werden.“

Die USA kündigten bereits im Juni, nach den ersten Anschuldigungen, dass das Assad-Regierung chemische Waffen verwendet hätte an, dass sie Waffenhilfe für die Rebellen steigern würden. Spätere Informationen, speziell von einem Mitglied des UN-Teams von Inspektoren, Herr Del Ponte ergaben, dass es die Rebellen waren, die chemische Waffen in Khan al-Asal einsetzten.

Die amerikanischen Bedenken im Volk zur Unterstützung der Rebellen wurden teilweise aus der Erfahrung von Afghanistan in den 1980er Jahren geboren, als CIA Waffen, die den anti-russischen Mudschaheddin gegeben wurden, später von den Taliban verwendet wurden.

10 Gedanken zu „Barack Obamas neue Terrorgruppe operiert in Syrien

  1. Obama has been raised by a muslim father and muslim stepfather. As such, he is considered a Muslim according to Muslim understanding.
    His mother obviously leaned towards Marxism.

    He attended a Madrassa in his youth. This is where you learn the Qur’an by heart,stupidly, without ever being allowed critical questions.

    Did he ever explicitly turn away from Islam? I mean, officially?
    Here is what Obama thinks of Christianity:

    That is not the act of an atheist. That is the act either of a satanist or a Muslim.
    The battle has not even started.
    And it must be fought differently.
    I am European. Europe (and Spain in particular) has borne the brunt of Muslim warfare for centuries. These pretty half-dressed women in Harems in these romantic paintings – they were European sex slaves, abducted and sold to Muslim men by the thousands in slave raids along the European coastline.

    Syria was a Christian stronghold of the Orthodox church, until Islam arrived.The Austrians victoriously fought the Muslims before the gates of Vienna.
    For lack of information, today Europe allow them in by the hundreds of thousands.Their weapon today is their womb. Muslim jihad is an allround approach.

    In Vienna, recently, there was a MUSLIM DEMONSTRATION for the Tsarnajev Brothers, celebrating them as heros.

    Nobody intervened. Freedom of speech.

    PLEASE NOTE: This war is a war of information about what Islam is.
    It is – above all – an intellectual and spiritual war.
    You cannot shoot an ideology, no matter how many bombs you drop.

    It does not make sense to bomb Syria to fight for – yes, actually for what??? – while a Muslim Sisterhood Member counsels your minister of defense, or your POTUS goes to bed with the Saudis.
    And while America (sorry to have to say this) is treating its European allies with contempt.

    The still free nations needs to stand together and it must find a new approach with regard to their values and their identity.
    This is very urgent.

    • That means: The facts and cornerstones of the Muslim ideology must be put bare on the table. No more babbling about ‚religion of peace‘.
      Islam is hostility to kuffr. Plain and simple.

      We need the contents of this ideology displayed and dismantled.
      ‚Fight until all resistance ceases…‘ is not very hard to understand.
      ‚Christians are the ones that have gone astray‘ is neither…
      ‚Jihad is mandatory to you..‘ is also quite a simple concept.
      We need to be aware that we fight an ideology with 1.3 billion followers that is more vicious than National Socialism.
      We need to sharpen and adapt our arms to that.

      First suggestion, for example, would be a ban on the capital punishment for apostacy in ALL Western countries. No muslim should enter who does not explicitly renounce of this part of Sharia. Just for starters.

  2. I wonder how Madrassa differs from the religious instruction most children recieve in protestant religious instruction. In my experience children are not taught to ask intelligent questions or argue over Biblical passages as jewish kids do in Synagogues (I am not jewish, but I heard that’s how jews „study“ their religion.)

    Could you explain something more over the connection between the Muslim jihad and the Syrian Orthodox Church? Recently someone told me that Assad is neither Shiit nor Sunnit, but Alevite. Can you explain what role Aleviten have played in Islamic history?

    I am a newcomer to the Islamic World . In my effort to find a massively powerful voice to halt the force feeding of Genetically Manipulated Organisms to livestock and humans in the European Community I recently turned to an official visit of the Iranian Embassy in Bern.

    In preparation I did some reading over Islamic hopes, ideas, history. Fazia Kufi’s Autobiography, „Letters to my Daughters“ give every Westerner a full perspektive of the conflicts of interest played out by normal Afghani men and women, but also the Mudschadin and the Taliban. Ms.Kufi’s courage and probaby the help of a BBC correspondet describe in detail and to the bone the desperation, honor, cruelty, arroganz and naivity that all members of the islamic community play in the misery of Afghanistan. In this way every western reader must come to the conclusion that fundamental islam has many similarities to fundamental christianity too.

    Fundamental Christians can become equally blind to the wounds of other religious communities just as the Taliban. What might things look like for Muslims if the Ku Klux Klan could win support from religious communities State Side?

    So many US campaigns seem to be embedded in a culture of arroganz and naivity. Ms.Kufi sited the fact that Pres.Massoud in vain warned the US of an eminent Terrorist attack on the US and paid for this with his own life two days prior to 9/11. Why didn’t they heed him? As a former Mudschadin fighter, did the US simply right him off? Because Pres.Massoud did not belong to their „kind“ of informants?

    Islamic communities may be in the Western sense cruel with their women and children, and yet they do have a right to their own sense of order. We Westerner’s need to reflect more on the bloody struggles our own nations pursued on their way to self-acceptance, and allow the powers that be in the middle east find their own way too.

    And what about Mavlauna Rumi???? Why not make an issue out of his work????

    Christianity cannot boast from such a love between strangers like that between Rumi and Sham.

    Isn’t it possible and probable that when proud nations are manipulated as colonies….as Arab and other Islamic communities in the last 2 centuries have been, that sooner or later atrocitties within their own communities develop. And that attempts to redirect the energy of these assaults result in campaigns of retaliation?

    In this hour of crisis we need to talk about forgiveness, forgiveness in a deep and spiritually meaningfull way.

    Perhaps the GEN communities could be invited to pave ways of intercultural discussion for Syria.

    Please see and scroll several pages down to the talk of Dieter Duhm with english subtitles.

    We need to do everything that the imaginary speech of Pres. Obama at the top of this Website becomes Reality.

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